About U3A

What is U3A?

U3A stands for University of the Third Age. It began in France in the 1970s initially to cater for retired academic folk who wanted to keep their minds active. Later the idea spread to England and, eventually, it came to Australia where it has been thoroughly democratized and everyone can join in. The concept of U3A was brought to Seymour by Anne Thompson (foundation President) and with the co-operation of three others, Wid Bradley, Wendy Madex and Lesley Daziel floated the proposal in the public arena, resulting in the establishment of Seymour and District U3A Inc in 2005. U3A is a self help movement where the organization and activities are run by the members themselves. Costs are kept low with course leaders coming from within the group or providing their time on a voluntary basis. U3A is about sharing skills and interests for mutual benefit of all members. It is about keeping minds active and in touch with others especially in the retirement years. It is about having a good time with others while learning.

We're a Friendly bunch

That friendly smile, the offer of a chair beside yours, has really made both new and old members feel at home and we’ve proved over the years, we’re like that to each other. The key value in our relationship with each other, our Council, our tutors and the community is RESPECT. But if an issue should arise between people at a U3A S&D course or function, and it can’t be sorted out with the person concerned, please ask for support from your course contact or a U3A S&D Council member as soon as possible.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - click here

Need a set of wheels to be part of a course?

Do not let any concern about transport deter you from enrolling in any course. Talk to the tutor or contact person to see what can be arranged in the way of car-pooling, lifts, etc. Some courses have excursions where members car pool or a bus is hired for the occasion.

Dollars and sense

For any issues around fees and payments please contact a member of U3A Seymour & District Council - click the "Contact Us" button at the top of this page.

Going away? Can't make a course?

As a courtesy, if you are unable to attend a class please tell the tutor or contact person. Or ask a fellow course member to pass on the information. The tutors would appreciate it and it is a part of showing our respect for these people who have given up their time for our education and enjoyment. Of course there are times when this is impossible and that is quite understood.

In sickness and in health

If you hear of any member being sick or some special circumstance where a card from the U3A S&D would help, would you let a member of council know.

I know your face but just can't get the name!

Given the ease with which we can forget each other’s names, everyone is encouraged to wear their U3A S&D name tags. Not only does it save “Remind me of your name, please”, but it also helps tutors get to know course participants quickly. Don’t forget to put your medical and contact details on the back of your nametag. If you lose your nametag, contact us and we will organise to replace it (see "contact us" at top of this page).

Moved house? Changed internet providers?

If either of these changes has occurred please contact us as soon as possible so that you don’t miss out on important information (see "contact us" at top of this page).

Safety first

When you enrol in a course you’re asked to judge your ability to either use the venue or participate in the course activities. The safety and well-being of all our members is paramount. If there is an emergency, having your medical and contact details on your name tag will be very important. If you become aware of any risks at our venues, please let the course contact, or a council member, know. There is the public liability cover at each venue but no insurance cover if you are participating in any outdoor activity, unless you are a voluntary tutor/facilitator.

Getting 5 minutes of fame

If your group is going to do something special or has taken a great photo of your activity, let us know via the "contact us" button at the top of the page.

U3A Seymour & District Council Meetings

Copies of the Council Minutes are available for reading at the Melting Pot meetings.

Melting Pot

This is the place to catch up on “What’s new at U3A.” There will be a short notice session at the Melting Pot talk each month. You are also encouraged to bring along any fruits of the earth from your garden for a “Bring and Buy” table to raise a some funds for our U3A S&D.

"Noticeboard" News Sheet and Web Site

"The Noticeboard” is emailed to all members who register their email addresses with U3A (seymu3a@gmail.com) ; it is posted to all other members . This will keep you up to date with up and coming events, information from the Council, members’ activities and any course date changes. The web site will also make the latest issue of "The Noticeboard" readily available and keep a few past issues for the record (click on "Newsletter" for these).