Seymour & District U3A DVD Collection

Since 2005 Melting Pot and some other talks have been filmed to make a great collection that is available for U3A members to borrow.  Contact the Secretary or ask at the U3A office.

Many thanks to Peter Smith for starting this series of DVDs and for filming many of them.


Presentation Date



 1       ? China: village to city  Dr Q T Wang
 2       ? Water for Seymour  Dr Q T Wang
 3 1-Aug-05 Oh my God! -- Judaism  Paul Forgasz
 4 6-Sep-05 Technology  Dr Bob Brown
 5 27-Sep-05 Oh my God! -- Buddhism  Professor Graham Priest
 6 5-Nov-05 Oh my God! -- Hinduism  Professor Harry Averling
 7 8-Nov-05 Preferred Futures  Dr Peter Ellyard
 8 7-Feb-06 Development and Maintenance of a Civil Society in Australia  Professor Brian Howe
 9 Mar-06 Poverty and Inequality  David Cox
 10 4-Apr-06 About Eyes  Assoc Prof Jill Keefe
 11 6-Apr-06 Oh my God! -- Islam  Dr Nuzhat Lotia
 12 18-Apr-06 The Big Issues Facing Christians Today  Dr Duncan Reid
 13 2-May-06 How is our climate changing?  Dr Ian Mansergh
 14 1-Aug-06 The Impact of Gambling on Local Communities  Mr Charles Livingston
 15 5-Sep-06 Genetic Engineering  Dr Bob Phelps
 16 15-Sep-06 Fame and Falls with Horses  Ms Sheila Laxon
 17 3-Oct-06 Bullying  Professor Sharlane Cartel
 18 6-Feb-07 God and Globilisation  Professor Desmond Cahill
 19 6-Mar-07 Water:  Not a Dry Argument!  Mr Stephen Mills
 20 1-May-07 Sewage:  Waste or Opportunity?  Professor John Swan
 21 5-Jun-07 An Alternative View on Groundwater  Professor Lance Endersbee
 22 3-Jul-07 Australia:  Our Rights at Risk  Julian Burnside QC
 23 7-Aug-07 What Have the Gun Laws Achieve?  Professor Joan Ozanne-Smith
 24 21-Sep-07 Woman of the Year  Jenna Carole
 25 2-Oct-07 The Evidence for Evolution  Professor Jim Warren
 26 5-Feb-08 The Globally Warmed Meal  Dr Eugene Cordeo
 27 28-Feb-08 The Forming of the Goulburn  Leon Costerman
 28 4-Mar-08 How Safe is Work?  Dr David Goddard
 29 1-Apr-08 Understanding our Aboriginal History  Assoc Prof Richard Broome
 30 6-May-08 All about Language  Professor Barry Blake
 31 26-May-08 Do you have a Chronic Disease?  Assoc Prof Malcolm Battersby
 32 26-Jun-08 Gouburn River Ecology  Professor Sam Lake
 33 1-Jul-08 Is Desalination an Answer?  Professor Stephen Gray
 34 5-Aug-08 Understnding Emissions Trading  Dr Tony Richardson
 35 1-Sep-08 Geomantics & Burke & Wills  Mr Frank Leay
 36 3-Mar-09 Conflict, Community and Natural Disaster  Ms Di Bretherton
 37 7-Apr-09 Financial Abuse of Older Persons & How to Prevent it  Peter Noble & Garry Ferguson
 38 5-May-09 Nanotechnology  Dr Jack Jaasieniak & Jason Major
 39 2-Jun-09 Economic Reform and Australian Manufacturing  Craig Milne
 40 4-Aug-09 The Importance of Water in Our Food Chain  Barry Croke
 41 8-Sep-09 Education in Seymour  John Thompson & Tim McCartin
 42 6-Oct-09 Biological Baggage: relics and legacies from our evolutionary ancestors  Professor Jim Warren
 43 2-Mar-10 Climate Change Facts and Required Action  Dr Gideon Polya
 44 4-May-10 How times change (developments in printing)  Nicholas Hudson
 45 1-Jun-10 Leave Well, Live Long  Marcio Fearn
 46 3-Aug-10 Epilepsy: Out of the Shadows  Dr Rosey Panelli
 47 12-Aug-10 Practical Ways to Promote Health & Wellbeing  Ken Mellor
 48 7-Sep-10 Planning for Australia's Future Population  Trevor Budge
 49 5-Apr-11 The Australian Synchrotron  Dr Mike Murray
 50 7-Jun-11 Meet the Press  Chalpat Sonti
 51 2-Aug-11 Building Human Rights, Respecting Communities - Where do we stand?  Dr Diane Sisley
 52 6-Sep-11 Privacy - it's not a secret  Helen Versy