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Special Melting Pot
Understanding the Aged Care System – consumer directed care

Approximately 38 people were at the Melting Pot on Friday morning 31 March and we were pleased to note that Councillor Rhonda Sanderson, Mayor of Mitchell Shire, and Councillor Bill Chisholm attended.

John Doutch, a volunteer from the Council on the Ageing (COTA), explained how the new program is much more flexible than the old system, which was fixed, with little account for the needs of the person concerned. As an aside, he pointed out that the government was particularly anxious for older people to remain in their own homes as long as possible. This ensures a happier community and at the same time has far less impact on the Commonwealth budget.

 In essence, anyone needing home help can apply for a Commonwealth Home Care Package via the web “My Aged Care” or by phone 1800 200 422. Their needs are then assessed by a team and they will be granted a package, depending on their requirements. The package is evaluated as an amount of money that can be used in a variety of different ways, ranging from: personal services (bathing, dressing, etc.), cleaning, cooking, nursing, transport, equipment aids (walking frames, safety alarms, etc.), home maintenance, and other areas that may be required.

 Once a person has been assessed and the level established, an amount of money is granted to meet the home needs of that person. This money can be accessed through a “Home Care Provider”. A number of Home Care Providers have been approved by the government and when the mature person has been notified of his or her grant, he/she can select a Provider. All financial transactions – receipt of the grant and payments for the care services – are in the hands of the selected Provider. After being notified of a successful application the mature person (with an advocate if necessary) negotiates with the Provider to arrange a budget for the services needed. The system is flexible and services may be changed as required. To ensure honesty, the Provider must present a monthly account of all receipts and payments.

 In discussion it became clear that one of the disadvantages in the program is that there is often a lengthy delay before an application for a grant is approved. The delay may be as much as a year, or even more. It is to be hoped that this will be addressed by the government.

Melt Pot 31-03-2017


An interesting project by Len Fidler

Len Fidler initiated a project at Seymour Men's Shed to build a coftin. Ron Porter did much of the woodwork, while Jill Fidler did the painting,  calligraphy and cloth lining. Jill was not too keen on the idea to begin with, but accepted it on the proviso that Len doesn't take up occupancy too soon!

Len Fidler Departure PoemLen Fidler coffin
Michael Coffey (President Seymour Men's Shed), Leonard Fidler, Ron Porter

The story of the coffin was written up in the Seymour Telegraph on 22nd of February 2017 and was picked up by ABC radio Shepparton and broadcast on Saturday 25th of February. So there are lots of ways to become famous.


Some extracts from the Australian light horse Memorial Park Newsletter
February 2017

It is almost March and the park is looking beautiful after spectacular rain in the Spring and early summer.  The golden grasses look lovely, and large areas were mowed before the hotter drier weather set in.  You can see up to 60 kangaroos munching away doing their best to eat it all down. 

AGM and election of new committee.  October also saw the re-election of Greg Smith as president of the Light Horse Park Committee, with Bruce Anderson re-elected as Secretary.  Tony Wallis agreed to take on the Treasurer’s role again.  New committee members were Ian Walton and Ed Gutjahr and Megan Gough.  The committee is strong and keenly interested in the park.  Cr Rhonda Sanderson our wonderful Council representative was elected Mayor of Mitchell, a very well deserved honour.  She continues to be a regular presence at committee events.

37th remembered.  In October 2016, we unveiled a commemorative installation at the Railway Station to the 37th Infantry Battalion, who marched in from the Camp in the early hours, leaving from that very place in 1916.  They subsequently  trained under Monash on Salisbury Plain in England before going to France in November that year.  They had a hard war, their numbers reduced from 1000 to a fighting strength of just 90 at the end.  Declining to be disbanded into other units, they were truly “The Indivisibles.”  Their story is to be found in a book by  N.P. McNichol, a copy of which we donated to the Seymour Library.  It is a compelling book, very readable.

Relief of Mafeking.  In January, members of the Rover Scouts from Mafeking Camp came and worked under Bruce’s guidance for two days of hard work with wheelbarrows and a hand concrete mixer, building causeways in some of the washed out areas.  These young people from all over Australia and some from overseas were an absolute delight, polite, intelligent and keen.  It was a great pleasure to have them involved with the project.

Commemorations.  We also intend to launch two new interpretive plinths to commemorate the role of horses in WWI, in the Waler Paddock, in  April.  Greg Smith has been working on this project, and donations were received from the community towards it.

In March, a group of ex National Servicemen will be visiting the park.  Site 17, as it was known in earlier times, was used as a training ground for cadets and nashos up till the 1960s I believe.   We would love to hear  more on this.

October 2017 will be the 100th Anniversary of the Charge at Beersheba on 31 October 1917. This has enormous significance to those interested in military history.

Meanwhile the park flourishes and blooms with more and more people discovering it and using it to run, stroll and ride as their own special place. 

From Lesley Dalziel 25 February 2017